Increase productivity with aws-console-bar extension


AWS Console Bar is a Chrome extension seamlessly integrated with the native AWS Console. It enhances the AWS user experience by providing curated news topics and valuable usage statistics directly within the AWS Console interface.

Easy to switch between aws account, apply custom naming and emojis to your account, check if you are in production or unknown sandbox account. Decreasing the risk of modifying wrong resources in wrong account.



Key Features

  • Operates with Official AWS Latest News Feed:
    • Choose from various news topics such as architecture, big data, machine learning, etc.
    • News updates are displayed in a non-intrusive bar within the AWS Console.
  • Usage Statistics and Metrics:
    • Records login events, visits to different AWS accounts, and the usage duration.
    • Allows users to draw AWS Console usage statistics and dashboards for insights.
  • Account Personalization:
    • Customize each AWS account with a distinct name, icons, glyphs, and smiles for easy identification.
    • Enhances user experience with personalized visual elements.
  • Data Privacy and Security:
    • Metrics and statistics are not pushed to any cloud or third party - they are fully stored on your machine local storage for easy access and analysis.
    • Provides a reliable and fast way to access historical usage data.
  • OpenSource:

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